Volume 22.1

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VOLUME 22 • NUMBER 1 • 2010/2011

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The CATESOL Journal Editorial Staff

The 2010-2011 CATESOL Board of Directors

Editors’ Note
Margi Wald and Mark Roberge


Introduction to the Theme Section: The Status of ESL Professionals
in K-12 Education: Theory, Practice, and Politics
Karen Cadiero-Kaplan

Marginalizing TESOL: Preservice Teacher Training in Arizona
Eduardo H. Diniz de Figueiredo, Matthew J. Hammill, and Daisy E. Fredricks

From Theory to Practice for Teachers of English Learners
Magaly Lavadenz

ESL Teacher-Education Programs:
Measuring Up to the TESOL/NCATE Yardstick
Connie H. Thibeault, Natalie Kuhlman, and Cathy Day

Commission on Teacher Credentialing Approves
8 ELL-Related Credential Options
Jeff Frost, Karen Cadiero-Kaplan, and Natalie Kuhlman


Bilingual Hispanic and Southeast Asian Students’ Challenges
in a Freshman History Course
Ellen Lipp and Brad A. Jones

A Language-Related Comparison of Generation 1.5 and L1 Student Writing
Stephen M. Doolan

Examining Rubrics Used to Measure Writing Performance
in U.S. Intensive English Programs
Anthony Becker

An Interview Study of Learner Motivation and Learner Involvement
in Mandatory College-Level Academic Writing Classes
Swathi M. Vanniarajan

Lost in Translation: Strategies Japanese Language Learners Use
in Communicating Culturally Specific L1 Expressions in English
Noriyuki Inoue and Sarina Chugani Molina


Teaching Writing Within the Disciplines: A Viable Approach for English
for Academic Purposes (EAP) Instructors
Lisa Leopold

Use With Caution: What CELDT Results Can and Cannot Tell Us
Katie Stokes-Guinan and Claude Goldenberg

How to Unpack a Difficult Poem for Language Learning
Natalie Hess

From Narrative to Analytical: Using Theme/Rheme to Scaffold
Students’ Revisions Between Genres of Writing
Duane Leonard


Please click on the word “Reviews” to download the reviews listed below.

Writing Myths: Applying Second Language Research to Classroom Teaching
Joy Reid (Ed.)
Reviewed by Andrea Cons

Reader’s Choice (5th ed.)
Sandra Silberstein, Barbara K. Dobson, and Mark A. Clarke
Reviewed by Stephanie Eren

Grammar Connection: Structure Through Content, Level 4
Noël Houck and Sharon Hilles
Reviewed by Alexander T. Ibaraki

Excellent English 3: Language Skills for Success
Mary A. Maynard, Ingrid Wisniewska, Jan Forstrom, Marta Pitt,
and Shirley Velasco
Reviewed by Jungeun Kim

Real Grammar: A Corpus-Based Approach to English
Susan Conrad and Douglas Biber
Reviewed by Miralynn Malupa-Kim

Making Content Comprehensible for Secondary English Learners:
The SIOP Model (3rd ed.)
Jana Echevarría, MaryEllen Vogt, and Deborah J. Short
Reviewed by Judy Nguyen

Excellent English 2: Language Skills for Success
Jan Forstrom, Mari Vargo, Marta Pitt, and Shirley Velasco
Reviewed by Shu-Wei Peng

Word Knowledge: A Vocabulary Teacher’s Handbook
Cheryl Boyd Zimmerman
Reviewed by Debra S. Thiercof