Volume 34.1

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VOLUME 34 • NUMBER 1 • 2023

Special Theme Issue:

Pandemic Pedagogy in California: Innovative Approaches

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Guest Editors’ Note

Amy Pascucci


Participatory Writing in the Remote ESOL Classroom Space: Critical Learnings from a Pandemic

Kelly Metz-Matthews and Michele McConnell

Keywords: participatory writing, participatory culture, digital technologies, remote teaching, sociocultural learning theory


Pandemic Perspectives: International English Learners’ Issues with Online Instruction

Iyad Alomari and L. Erika Saito

Keywords: English learners, COVID-19, international students, remote instruction, social and emotional learning (SEL)

Multilingual Course Re-Design(Ing) Amid Local and Global Crises: Lessons Going Forward

Leslie Sherwood

Keywords: course design, reflective teaching, blended learning, international graduate students

Parent-Centered Intervention in the Time of the Pandemic: Meeting the Complex Communication Needs of a Bilingual Preschooler

Jesica Hercules, Kai Greene, and M.C. Kate Esposito

Keywords: on-line learning, parent-centered practice, complex communication needs, Spanish-English bilingual, augmentative and alternative communication

Humanizing Online Language Teaching Through Instructional and Affective Moves

Kevin Wong, Helen Hill, and Elizabeth Najera

Keywords:  Pandemic pedagogy, affective moves, instructional moves, humanizing pedagogy, language instruction

Through the Lens of CoI: Scaffolding Chinese ESL Oral Participation in U.S. Online Graduate Course

Dian Jiang

Keywords: community of inquiry, CoI-Participation Model, engagement, international Chinese students

Impact of Undocumented Immigrants on Adult ESL During COVID and Beyond

Janet Eyring

Keywords: adult ESL, undocumented immigrants, trauma, pedagogical approaches, advocacy


Using Google Docs for Collaborative Writing Feedback with International Students

Christina Andrade and Amber Roshay

Keywords: collaborative writing, Google Docs, remote Learning, pandemic pedagogy, academic writing feedback, international students, ESL

Hyperdocs, GIFs, & Collaboration Boards: Online Writing Instruction Supports for ELs

Kelsey DeCamillis

Keywords: C3WP, Jamboard, Hyperdocs, GIFs, CALL


Exploring Students’ Worlds: Leveraging Funds of Knowledge Through Virtual Community Explorations

Carmen Durham, Loren Jones, and Wyatt Hall

Keywords: funds of knowledge, humanizing pedagogy, teacher education, virtual instruction

Beyond Transactional Communication: Fostering Effective Teamwork during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Mirna Khater, Kara Mac Donald, Viktoriya Shevchenko

Keywords: Virtual Teams, E-Teams, Virtual Leadership, Teacher Training, Training Transfer

Preparing Teacher Candidates Toward Effective Pedagogical Approaches for ELLs in Hybrid/Virtual Learning Spaces

Nirmla G. Flores and Elsie N. Solis-Chang

Keywords: English Learners, COVID-19 Pandemic, Preservice Teachers, Hybrid/Virtual Learning, Pedagogical approaches