Volume 8.1

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VOLUME 8 · NUMBER 1 · 1995

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The CATESOL Journal Editorial Staff

1995-1996 CATESOL Board of Directors

Editors’ Note
Peter Master and Donna Brinton


Listening to Marisol:
Groupwork in a Sheltered High School Classroom
Myron Berkman

Ethics Meets Culture:
Gray Areas in the Postsecondary ESL Classroom
Stephanie Vandrick, Johnnie Johnson Hafernik, and Dorothy S. Messerschmitt

Can Advanced ESL Students
Become Effective Self-Editors?
Dana Ferris

Competing Motivations: LEP Adolescents’ Attitudes
Toward English, Learning, and Literacy
Vanessa Wenzell and Anna Eleftheriou


Her Rightful Place
Raymond Devenney

Action Research:
Techniques for Collecting Data
Through Surveys and Interviews
Mary Ann Christison and Sharron Bassano

Critical Thinking and the Process of Critical Inquiry
Robin Mollica


Please click on the word “Reviews” to download the reviews listed below.

The English-Only Question:
An Official Language for Americans?
by Dennis Baron
Reviewed by Cynthia Hofbauer

English: Our Official Language?
by Bee Gallegos, Ed.
Reviewed by Danette M. Paz

Collaborations: English in Our Lives, Beginning 1 Student Book
by Jann Huizenga and Gail Weinstein-Shr
Collaborations: English in Our Lives, Beginning 2 Student Book
by Gail Weinstein-Shr and Jann Huizenga
Collaborations: English in Our Lives, Beginning 1 and 2 Workbooks
by Jann Huizenga
Teacher’s Kit, Blackline Masters, Transparencies, Assessment Program (In development)
Reviewed by Donna Price-Machado

Teaching by Principles:
An Interactive Approach to Language Pedagogy
by H. Douglas Brown
Reviewed by Elizabeth Leite

Creating Contexts for Second Language Acquisition
by Arnulfo G. Ramirez
Reviewed by Daniel J. Livesey

Academic Competence: Theory and Classroom Practice
Preparing ESL Students for Content Courses
by Hugh Douglas Adamson
Reviewed by Peter Nanopoulos

How To Be a More Successful Language Learner:
Toward Learner Autonomy (2nd ed.)
by Joan Rubin and Irene Thompson
Reviewed by Joan R. Stein