Volume 25.1

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VOLUME 25 • NUMBER 1 • 2013/2014

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The CATESOL Journal Editorial Staff

2013-2014 Board of Directors

Editors’ Note
Mark Roberge and Margi Wald


Vocabulary Assessment With Varying Levels of Context: A Replication Study
Brenna Shepherd


Leveling the Playing Field: The Efficacy of Thinking Maps on English Language Learner Students’ Writing
Jamal Cooks and Anita Sunseri

Multicultural Teacher Education: Why Teachers Say It Matters
in Preparing Them for English Language Learners

Lan Quach Kolano, Liv Dávila, Joan Lachance, and Heather Coffey

L1 Use in FL Classrooms: Graduate Students’ and Professors’ Perceptions
of English Use in Foreign Language Courses

Patrick Gaebler


Enriching Students’ Linguistic Repertoires Through Text-Based Guided Output Tasks
Natalie G. Koval

Facilitating the Quest: A Case Study of Three Technologies in an EAPP Writing Classroom
Kelley Calvert

Using Free Online Materials as the Basis of an Upper-Level IEP Listening and Speaking Course
Beth Sheppard

English for New Citizens: Contributions of a Learner-Centered Vocational ESL Framework
Lynnette Arnold

What Makes Critical Thinking Critical for Adult ESL Students
Joshua P. Miekley

Semantic and Thematic List Learning of Second Language Vocabulary
Javad Gholami and Sima Khezrlou


Please click on the word “Reviews” to download the reviews listed below.

Kristiane M. Ridgway, Editor

Becoming a Language Teacher: A Practical Guide to Second Language Learning and Teaching (2nd ed.)
Elaine Kolker Horwitz
Reviewed by Maria C. Aldana

A Course in English Language Teaching (2nd ed.)
Penny Ur
Reviewed by Nooshan Ashtari

ACTIVE Skills for Reading 3 (3rd ed.)
Neil J. Anderson
Reviewed by Sage Benson

Interchange 1 (4th ed.)
Jack C. Richards (with Jonathan Hull and Susan Proctor)
Reviewed by Janine K. Black

50 Ways to Teach Them Writing
Maggie Sokolik
Reviewed by Donna Genelin

Learning English for Academic Purposes: LEAP: Reading and Writing (2nd ed.)
Julia Williams
Reviewed by Mauricio Gonçalves

Answers May Vary: Essays on Teaching English as a Second Language
Dorothy Zemach
Reviewed by Brandon A. Harris

Select Readings: Upper-Intermediate (2nd ed.)
Linda Lee and Jean Bernard
Reviewed by Sarah Hoch

College Writing Skills With Readings (9th ed.)
John Langan
Reviewed by Sheri Jordan

Tips for Teaching Culture: Practical Approaches to Intercultural Communication
Ann C. Wintergerst and Joe McVeigh
Reviewed by Michael Lessard-Clouston

50 Ways to Teach Them Speaking: Tips for ESL/EFL Teachers
Janine Sepulveda
Reviewed by Hannah Malone

Discovering Fiction: A Reader of American Short Stories, Book 2
Judith Kay and Rosemary Gelshenen
Reviewed by Joseph Nevarez