Volume 17.1

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VOLUME 17 • NUMBER 1 • 2005

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The CATESOL Journal Editorial Staff

2005-2006 CATESOL Board of Directors

Editors’ Note
Mark Roberge and Margi Wald


2005 CATESOL Graduate Student Research Award
Assessing English Learners’ Language Proficiency: A Qualitative
Investigation of Teachers’ Interpretations of the California ELD Standards
Lorena Llosa

2004 CATESOL Graduate Student Research Award
Preferences, Styles, Behavior: The Composing Processes of Four ESL Students
Karen Chen

Assumptions in Assessment: The Role of the Teacher in Evaluating ESL Students
Paul McPherron

Modal Verbs and International Graduate Students: A Lesson in Choices
Jason Schneider

Native and Nonnative English-Speaking Teacher Distinctions:
From Dichotomy to Collaboration
Yumiko Boecher


Self-Efficacy Beliefs and Self-Regulated Learning Strategies in
Learning English as a Second Language: Four Case Studies
Chuang Wang and Stephen J. Pape

Teaching Multilingual Composition Through Literature:
An Integrated Process Approach
Alison Preston

Multicultural Children’s Literature as a Practice to Encourage Interest in
Books and Reading With English Language Learners: A Participatory Study
Kimberly A. Persiani


Parent and Child Activities in a Community-Based English Tutoring Program
Sabrina Peck and Lia Lerner

What Not to Teach When Teaching Pronunciation
Andrea Toth

On-Line Writing Courses: Do They Work?
Bette Brickman

Metaphors We Teach By: Transforming Stereotypes of ESL Writers
Todd Heyden

How to Conduct a Critical Discourse Analysis of a Text: A Guide for Teachers
Rod E. Case

Transformative Learning:
The English as a Second Language Teacher’s Experience
Jessica McClinton

Lexical Questions to Guide the Teaching and Learning of Words
Cheryl Boyd Zimmerman and Norbert Schmitt

Demystifying the Tenure-Track Job Search: Stories of Four NNES Professionals
Aya Matsuda, Seran Dogancay-Aktuna, Zohreh Eslami-Rasekh, and Katya Nemtchinova


Please click on the word “Reviews” to download the reviews listed below.

Strategic Reading: Building Effective Reading Skills (Volumes 1 and 2)
by Jack C. Richards and Samuela Eskstut-Didier
Reviewed by Arthur Cooper

Sound Bites: Pronunciation Activities
by Joann Rishel Kozyrev
Reviewed by Victoria Joerke

Daedalus Integrated Writing Environment (DIWE 7)
by The Daedalus Group
Reviewed by Jennifer Lu

New Directions: Reading, Writing, and Critical Thinking (2nd ed.)
by Peter S. Gardner
Reviewed by Candace Lynch-Thompson

Creative Poetry Writing
by Jane Spiro
Reviewed by Ali Shehadeh

Topics in Language and Culture for Teachers
by Steven Brown and Jodi Eisterhold
Crossing Cultures in the Language Classroom
by Andrea DeCapua and Ann C. Wintergerst
Reviewed by Karl Swinehart