Volume 12.1

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VOLUME 12 • NUMBER 1 • 2000

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The CATESOL Journal Editorial Staff

2000-2001 CATESOL Board of Directors

Editors’ Note
Donna Brinton and Robby Ching


Project Work as an Introduction to Research Writing
Rod Case

Learning Style Preferences of Secondary English Learners:
Armenian, Hmong, Korean, Mexican, and Vietnamese
Clara Park

Short-Term Programs: Design and Implementation
With a Focus on Content
Johnnie Johnson Hafernik


Language, Culture, Power, and Identity: Intercultural
Communication and Teaching English as a Second Language
Piper McNulty & Lois Locci

A Framework for Understanding Crosscultural Issues
in the English as a Second Language Classroom
Linda Callis Buckley

Individualism-Collectivism and Power Distance:
Applications for the English as a Second Language Classroom
Gayle Nelson

Culture Clash in the English as a Second Language Classroom:
Russian Students in America
Irina Smith

Encounters with the “Other”: Personal Notes for a
Reconceptualization of Intercultural Communication Competence
Gust A. Yep

Intercultural Communication in Teacher Education:
The Knowledge Base for CLAD Teacher Credential Programs
Lynne T. Díaz-Rico

Negotiating Intercultural Identities in the Multilingual Classroom
Jim Cummins


Challenges, Chances, and Change:
Strategies for the Novice Teacher
Diana M. Pash & David A. Mullane

A Framework for Developing an Outgoing Student-Opinion
Survey for Master’s Programs in Teaching English to Speakers of
Other Languages
Swathi Vanniarajan

Changing Times
James Wilson


Please click on the word “Reviews” to download the reviews listed below.

NorthStar: An Innovative Four-Level, Integrated Skills Series
for Learners of English as a Second or Foreign Language
by Andrew K. English and Laura Monahon English
Reviewed by Leigh Ann Daniels-Swarm

Writing in the Real World
by Deborah Brennan (Ed.)
Reviewed by Laura Martínez Reol

America Writes: Learning English Through American Short Stories
by Judith Kay and Rosemary Gelshenen
Reviewed by Monica Page

Tense Situations: Tenses in Contrast and Context (2nd ed.)
by Pamela Hartmann, Annette Zarian, and Patricia Esparza
Reviewed by Youngju Lee

New Ways of Using Drama and Literature in Language Teaching
by Valerie Whiteson (Ed.)
Reviewed by Clifford Roberts

Using Newspapers in the Classroom
by Paul Sanderson
Reviewed by Linda Myers