Volume 32.1

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VOLUME 32 • NUMBER 1 • 2020-2021

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Editors’ Note
Robert Kohls, Rebekah Sidman-Taveau, Mark Roberge, and Margi Wald


Developing Adult Immigrant English Language Learners’ Career and Life Competence in an ESL Program 
Fang Wang

Keywords: adult immigrants, ESL, career and life competence, authentic materials, adapted materials

Foreign Affairs Panelists’ Construction of a Scholarly Identity
Lisa Leopold

Keywords: oral communication, English-for-Specific-Purposes, discourse, scholarly identity, political science, graduate students

How Does Collaborative Learning Support ESL Learners’ Development of Higher Order Thinking Skills?
Wangmei Zhou

 Keywords: collaborative learning, higher order thinking skills, ESL learners, English grammar

Instructional Models for Equitable and Effective Multilingual Instruction in California
Esther Gross and Jenifer Crawford

 Keywords: emergent bilinguals, language and literacy development, SIOP, CALLA, SDAIE, Sobrato Early Academic Language, universal design, K-12 raciolinguistic ideology, sociocultural theory

International Graduate Students’ Perceptions of Their Scholarly Written and Oral Communication Needs
Brenna Butler, Jennifer Morrow, Kirsten Benson, and Hannah Soblo

 Keywords: U.S. international graduate students, ESL education, graduate student writing, graduate student communication, needs assessment

Output as a Source of Input: Collaborative Writing Tasks for Developing the Grammar and Linguistic Resources of L2 Writers
Mitchell Goins

 Keywords: focus-on-form, grammar, second language writing instruction

Quién Habla Dos Idiomas Vale por Dos: Tying Children’s Language Brokering Skills into Their Educational Journey to Develop Bilingualism
Beth Mossman

Keywords: language brokering, two-way dual language education, heritage language, linguistic capital, elementary

Using Funds of Knowledge to Identify Gifts and Talents: The Role of Home Visits
Fatmana Deniz and Tracy Spies

 Keywords: culturally and linguistically diverse, bilingual, gifted, home visit, funds of knowledge

Utilizing Diverse Instructional Approaches; Designing Activities that Resonate with ELLs
Kara Mac Donald, Tatiana McCaw, and Annette Scheibner

Keywords: post-methods teaching approach, English language learners, situated learning, task-­based instruction, project­-based instruction, content-based instruction, scenario­-based instruction


Can Theory Meet Practice in Online Master’s TESOL Programs? Reflections from Program Graduates
Soonhyang Kim, Burcu Ates, and Baburhan Uzum

Keywords: online TESOL Program, online education, teacher education, student reflection

Establishing and Sustaining a Community of Practice
Donna M. Brinton, Kimberly Chilmonik, Andrea Echelberger, Bot Koi, and Sarina Monh

Keywords: communities of practice, Cambodia, English language teaching and learning

Growing Emerging Researchers in a TESOL Teacher Education Program: Implications for Feedback Practice
Sarina Molina

 Keywords: teacher education, teacher development, mentoring, feedback practice, classroom research, sociocultural theory, constructive-developmental theory, person-centered approach

Linking a Community-based ESL Program with the MA in TESOL Practicum Course: The Tale of a Program
Lía D. Kamhi-Stein, Sharin Rawhiya Jacob, Ana Herrera, and Robert Seaborne

Keywords: TESOL teacher preparation; teaching practicum; community-based ESL program design

Teacher Leadership in Systemic Reform: Opportunities for Graduate Education Programs
Tracy Spies, Sharolyn Pollard-Durodola, Alain Bengochea and Gloria Carcoba Falomir

Keywords: graduate education, English language learners, critical reflection, teacher education, professional development 


Instructor Award
Developing English Prosody Using Technology
Carla Liu and Renae Betten

Student Award
Teaching L2 English with TED Talks: A Pedagogical Approach to Corpus Linguistics and Its Application to L2 Discourse
Jennifer Evans


Jennifer Johnson and Robert Kohls, Editors

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Changing Practices for the L2 Writing Classroom: Moving Beyond the Five-Paragraph Essay
Nigel A. Caplan and Ann M. Johns, eds.
Reviewed by Ilka Kostka

Transforming Literacy Education for Long-Term English Learners: Recognizing Brilliance in the Undervalued
Maneka Deanna Brooks
Reviewed by Huseyin Uysal

The Six Academic Writing Assignments: Designing the User’s Journey
Jim Burke
Reviewed by Van Thi Hong Le

Language and Social Justice in Practice
Netta Avineri, Laura R. Graham, Eric J. Johnson, Robin Conley Riner,
and Jonathan Rosa (Eds.)
Reviewed by Monica Rosso Tabrizi

Navigating the Intercultural Classroom
Tuula Lindholm and Johanne Mednick Myles
Reviewed by Michael Lessard-Clouston