Volume 31.1

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VOLUME 31 • NUMBER 1 • 2019

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Editors’ Note
Robert Kohls, Rebekah Sidman-Taveau, Mark Roberge, and Margi Wald


Academic Prereading Activity Menus to Support International ESL Students in Higher Education
Matthias Maunsell

Keywords: academic reading, prereading activities, prereading strategies, EAP, international ESL students, higher education, faculty teaching

Developing Autonomous Self-Editors: An Alternative Approach to Written Corrective Feedback
Undarmaa Maamuujav

 Keywords: guided self-editing practice, self-editing strategy, L2 writing, error correction, written corrective feedback

How (Not) to Teach Vocabulary
Vedran Dronjic

 Keywords: vocabulary, learning, teaching, best practices

In-Class Expectations Versus Realities: Chinese International ELLs’ Experiences in a Public University ESL Classroom
Višnja Milojičić

 Keywords: English-language learners, English as a second language, Chinese international students, mismatch, disengagement, structure, scaffolding, group work

Keeping Language in Mind: An Exploratory Study of English Learners’ Performance on Three Language and Literacy Assessments
Melissa Latham Keh

 Keywords: English learner, adolescent, literacy, assessment

Leaps of Faith: Cuyamaca College’s ESL “BOOST Program”
Guillermo R. Colls

Keywords: AB705, accelerated ESL curriculum

The Write Aid for ELLs: The Strategies Bilingual Student Teachers Use to Help Their ELL Students Write Effectively
Anita B. Sunseri and Mary Anne Sunseri

 Keywords: bilingualism, writing strategies, K12 ELL classroom instruction

Understanding US Undergraduate Students’ Perceptions of International Teaching Assistants
Asma A. Khan and Marla Mallette

Keywords: international teaching assistants, undergraduate student perceptions, mixed-methods research


Supporting Community Leadership Development Through ESL Classes: A Changemaking Initiative
Viviana Alexandrowicz, Aureen Andres, Carli Danaher, and Paz Valdivia

Keywords: TESOL, ESL, Adult Education, leadership, community engagement, changemaking

Educating Students of Refugee Backgrounds: Critical Language Teacher Education in TESOL
Laura Baecher, Julie Kasper, and Jenny Mincin

 Keywords: TESOL teacher education, refugee education, MA TESOL course work, critical language teacher education


Jennifer Johnson, Editor

Please click on the word Reviews to download the reviews listed below.

College Writing Skills With Readings (10th ed.)
John Langan and Zoe Albright
Reviewed by Adam Brazenas

What Error Correction Can(not) Accomplish for Second Language Writers
Dana Ferris
Reviewed by Christina Torres

Social Justice Literacies in the English Classroom: Teaching Practice in Action
Ashley S. Boyd
Reviewed by Xiatinghan Xu