Volume 33.1

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VOLUME 33 • NUMBER 1 • 2022

Special Theme Issue:

Anti-racist Perspectives, Practices, and Policies in TESOL

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Guest Editors’ Note
Rachel Grant, Leigh Anne Shaw, and Rebekah Sidman-Taveau


The Illusion of Inclusion: Blackness in ELT
Kisha Bryan, Ayanna Cooper, and Mary Romney

Keywords: anti-racism, critical race theory, diversity equity and inclusion (DEI), raciolinguistics, race


Principles and Practices for the Preparation of Antiracist ESOL Teachers
Luciana De Oliveira

Keywords: antiracist ESOL teachers, linguistic racism, antiracist conscientização, principles and practices

Raciolinguistics through a Historical, Global, and Intersectionality Lens
Josh Del Pino

Keywords: raciolinguistics, intersectionality, teacher training, English language learner

Reducing Colonial Harm in Language Teaching: A Guide to Anti-racism and Critical Self-reflective Practices for Language Teachers
Sarina Chugani Molina

Keywords: critical language teaching, anti-racist pedagogies, decolonization, English language education, teacher reflection


Intersectionality for TESOL Education: Connecting Theory and Justice Pedagogy 
Gergana Vitanova, Hayriye Kayi-Aydar, and Manka Varghese

Keywords: intersectionality, anti-racist pedagogy, intersectional justice pedagogy, TESOL teacher education

Visibility as Validation: A Case Study of Culturally Responsive Materials Development for TESOL
Padmini Bhuyan Boruah

Keywords: multilingual learners, linguistically disadvantaged, English textbook, diversity blindness, culturally responsive materials

Critical Media Work as Antiracist Pedagogy in Language Learning Classrooms
Carla Chamberlin and Muhammad Ali Khan

Keywords: critical media literacy, antiracist discourse, migrant education, antiracist pedagogy


The Positioning of Black ESL Teachers in the United States: Teacher Perspectives
Olive Nabukeera

Keywords: Black teachers; teacher identity; race; racialized discourse, ESL teaching

Examining Curriculum through a Critical Antiracist Lens 
Stephanie Schmier and Rachel Grant

Keywords: critical antiracism, white allyship, antiracist teacher education, intersectionality 

Positioning Radical Love through Narrative Inquiry to Foster Transformative Language Identities in the Multilingual Classroom
RAsheda Young and Cristina Sánchez-Martín

Keywords: linguistic justice, antiracist pedagogies, narrative inquiry, identity, transformation